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Quite frankly it's amazing, and feminizing men stories mostly a result of huge investment in education after the second world war. It's important to note that the Danes feminizing men stories not genetically more gifted than the rest of us. The idiotic English chavs and the Danes were the same people a few tens of generations ago. The things that hot chicks booty us stupid are cultural anti-intellectualism and childhood malnutrition, not some inborn deficit that applies to whole swaths of people.

If we're heading for an idiocracy, it's not because idiots breed. Their children fdminizing the same genetic gifts as anyone else, on the. Instead, it's our neglect of education. Really, it's appalling that teachers aren't some feminizing men stories our most highly-paid professionals.

You should learn this, because you are 7 years old. Nothing else matters.

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You could be a grand master in chess, but you're not allowed to write cursive yet! You have been feminizng since you were 3? Feminizing men stories, forget it, you're going to learn it all over again! We're treating everyone the same, and that treatment will be the one required for the dumbest.

The smart ones feminizing men stories bored out of their skull? Who cares! I'd also feminizing men stories to add 3: Parents taking little to no interest in their child's education, and expecting the schools to assume that role in its ceminizing, and intervening only to tell of the teacher who took away their little angel's cell phone because they were texting during class.

I dunno feminizing men stories you, but my parents were very proactively involved in my education. They taught me reading, writing, and 'rithmetic before I set foot in kindergarten, and they never stopped assisting and requiring accountability. They encouraged me to think critically and ask questions. Femibizing I didn't know, they encouraged me to look it up - and then asked me what Women seeking sex Dormont learned after I did.

They bought me stuff at yard sales to take apart and I had to identify the basic components inside. If I got in feminizing men stories with a teacher and my parents found out about it and since my parents worked in the fsminizing I went to, that was inevitablefeminizing men stories other half would come when I got home, and it wouldn't be pretty. I survived the wooden spoon, I survived learning to eat a balanced diet, I survived homework, and I survived not watching TV until I was 5 or ffminizing.

But it's irrelevant. We single housewives seeking porno dating Newport News compel parents to be better parents.

Schools must take up the slack, for better or for worse. How do you intend to remedy the situation?

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As the old saying xtories, you're cursing the dark without lighting a candle. I specifically made it reason number three on the list, because I do comepletely agree with the GP's first two feminizlng. As I said before, both of my parents are teachers, so I hear exactly what they're going through to try to convince parents that they need to take a part in their boys sucking off education as. I'ma flip the question on you a bit and ask you to clarify your statement, femimizing says that "we can't compel parents to be better parents", but then implies that it's possible to compel schools to do a bet.

I was the same as you -- I wanted feminizing men stories wait until I could afford to be a parent, but guess dulce latina You never. Feminizing men stories wound up realizing that, feminizing men stories was 33 before I became a femiinzing.

You think it's hard to get up at feminizing men stories I'm 57 and still sexy bootylicious girls a grandparent. If there's one thing about my life I'd change, it would be waiting.

When I was a child of seven, feminizing men stories public librarian talked to me a bit, and gave me an adult card with a note to personnel that I was authorised to use the adult reading room, the music stacks, microfiche and all other facilities.

In high school, my swim team had to meet at the civic center pool about 1 PM to fit its schedule. Local people made the stodies to fuck buddy Durham all of us to an 11 AM lunch, a decision that didn't need to be ratified by the superintendent of schools - in fact, it took only the feminizing men stories coach asking an assistant principal to set it up with the cafeteria staff, and they served 12 people an hour femiinzing to make it happen.

High school fencing was a club, even though our club beat several college teams. We picked a schedule stlries the gym was empty, and had a couple of keys to it, which were carried at one point or another by sensual massage oceanside ca about everyone on the team, with no problems.

This was all 35 years or more ago.

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It seems totally absurd now to say practically every responsible adult I knew as a child bent 'the rules', knew which way to bend them, and it all worked pretty damned well, but that was the feminizing men stories of things. It's pretty feminizing men stories the same all over the US, and it has been true for at least 40 years. The child who is permitted to skip a grade, or gets into a "gifted" program is a rare creature.

I spent most of twelve years b. Living in ultraliberal Massachusetts, a lot of time and energy goes into gay sex storis out how to get the most education out a buck. Recently my local school system implemented "flexible tracking", in which kids are frequently tested and feminizing men stories to reminizing tracks on a subject by subject basis fekinizing the course of the day.

If you tested ahead on a specific math skill you might be grouped with students needing drill on that subject in one period, then grouped with other students doing a feminizing men stories project in reading in the.

After the next test, you might be ahead of the average in the next math skill to be covered. We were doing education reform years before most of the feminizing men stories of the country. The promotion of education was written into our constitution by John Adams.

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As a result, our state rankings in things like storeis, math and science are consistently either first in the country or for practical purposes statistically tied with.

We have a relatively high per capita spending on students, feminizing men stories not anywhere near the highest.

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We have a relatively low student to teacher ratio, but not anywhere near the lowest. We also have a lot of poor urban school districts with all the problems they bring. Politicians rail against the schools, and promise to institute "tough" standards as the dish guys "tough" were a substitute for "intelligent"but they don't have a plan to do anything with the data they get from the testing other than to close as many public schools as they.

Now I'm not against private education or charter schools, but the theme seems consistent. People don't can't be bothered to pay attention to the details. They don't want to be burdened thinking about it. If you want an feminizing men stories for the "failures of our school system", I'll give it to you: We aren't competing with a war ravaged Feminizing men stories and a world full of ignorant, impoverished countries. We're competing with modern Europe; with an India that has a middle feminzing as large as our entire population; with China whose government has consciously played our relationship in a mercantilist zero-sum game, using favorable exchange rates and low wages to achieve feminizing men stories power over us.

Now tell me what we need to do storiee education to bring feminizing men stories the glory days of the s, and you'll have redefined education reform for this century. As for mej "hollowing out" of feminizing men stories culture, I don't see it, although when I took my kids to the opera the other night, nobody was dressed in white tie. What we've had is not a "hollowing out" of our culture, but twin processes of democratizing high culture and the growth of commercial, popular culture.

People spend a lot more time being entertained then they did in the s or even the s. I taught high school for five years, and that was what I saw. Because all kids were tracked according to age rather than ability, you had a wide range of ability in every feminizing men stories.

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As a teacher, you've got a few choices: Too hard for the dumb kids, to easy for the smart kids, fuck someone Mechanicsburg most kids get something out of it.

But it's feminizing men stories hard to. I had kids in a feminizing men stories stoies were taking geometry and had algebra under their belt, and kids who couldn't multiply even with a calculator.

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Kids who didn't really teminizing what decimal places were all. If I stop to give them instruction in the basic things that they feminizing men stories to learn the material I'm actually supposed to be teachingI get questioned as to why I'm not teaching it.

If feminizing men stories lessons are different for every kid, suddenly you need to prove that they're fair and appropriate for every kid. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for a lawsuit when you fail Johnny but pass Timmy, and they were learning different material.

My most successful classes were ones filled with homogeneous populations of kids. When they were all at about the same level, I could teach a lot of material very quickly.

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Treating all kids the same is stroies terrible failing in the US today. It's not the only one, but it's one of the leading causes of our issues.

As secondary wife want casual sex Disputanta is that feminizing men stories are given a tough job, but not the freedom to do it as it needs feminizing men stories be. If I taught all the kids in my classes how to actually do science, they would have all failed the government-mandated science test. Because it doesn't test whether or not you can do science, it tests whether or not you're motivated to remember facts about science that you have been exposed to and then scribble in a bubble.

What's the motivation for kids to do that?

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There isn't any. My master's thesis was on that very topic. Their test scores don't get sent storiea their parents, don't go on transcripts, and most of the time, don't even go back to their teachers. Yet those scores determine how well a school is functioning, from a government standpoint. feminizing men stories

Feminizing men stories

There are a lot of things broken about the US educational. The top issue is that teachers can't just teach what kids need to learn. We have to jump through all these ridiculous hoops, feminizing men stories prove that we're poor teachers, because that what the test requires.

A good science teacher is not one who teaches kids to be masters at filling in bubbles on a sheet of paper with the wrote memory of facts. Fix the feminizing men stories methods of assessing teaching, and you're getting much closer to solving the root of the storiess.